Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Up And Coming

Nokia, once again have done it. The specifications for the N8 were breath-taking enough, but the tech specs for the E7. The E7 also uses the same Symbian^3 OS that the N8 uses, along with a 4” touchscreen that supports multi-touch. The E7 has an 8Mp camera with an LED flash, not as incredible as the Xenon flash on the N8, but then again this is an E series phone, for the business sector. The camera should provide them with a camera that is of incredible quality. The E7 also has the same HDMI and Dolby Surround Support. The QWERTY keyboard and the camera are the two things that differentiate the E7 and the N8 in the hardware aspect. The weight difference is noticeable as well; the E7 weighs over 50g more than the N8. (The N8 weighs less than the iPhone 4 by the way).

Another of Nokia’s new rage is the Nokia C7, with a 3.5” touch-screen. This Nokia is just a smidge (1.2mm of a smidge) thicker than the iPhone 4. With the new Symbian^3 OS, it supports an 8Mp camera that can record at 720p. It has a 3.5 mm headphone jack with 8 GB of internal storage. Some may say that this phone sounds a lot like the N8, yet it does not support the multi-touch that the N8 does. It has half the storage space and less RAM. This phone would be aimed at the mid-range phone for consumers who enjoy music and a touchscreen. It does not have the HDMI and the Dolby Surround Sound support that the N8 and the E7 have. This is probably because it was aimed at the mid-range consumer.

Last of the Nokia’s is the C6-01; this phone also has a touchscreen, that comes in at 3.2”. this phone is also quite a bit thicker than the C7. This phone is the cheapest of the three, with only 340Mb of internal storage. The C6-01 also has a 3.5mm headphone jack, 8Mp camera and the capability to record video at 720p. This phone has 3G connections and Wi-Fi as would be expected.

These phones are all incredible and Nokia deserves a lot of recognition for making the game that much harder for everyone. 

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