The New Pen and Paper

 The new pen and paper is a bit thicker than your old one, but it has more functionality.

The NoteSlate is a new tablet that should be arriving in the summer. This tablet has not had as much advertisement as the iPad or other such devices, meaning that it is still a reasonably small amount of people who know about the device.

This device will be 9mm thick, 0.2mm thicker than the iPad 2. This means that it will be incredibly lightweight, perfect for taking to school or to work.

As this device is supposed to re-enact the feel of pen and paper, it has a 1bit display. This means that there is black and white, black for the pen, and white for the screen. Since this product is not yet selling, I can only go by the information that has been given out by the website. The screen is very low tech, giving the device a supposed 180 hours of battery life, which would be an incredible feat. Even if the device had 24 hours battery life, then it would be well worth a quick look by parents looking to buy books for their child.

The screen is important; another important factor is the processor. It has a 233 MHz ARM chip, which will either make the device painfully slow, or will be enough to power this simple device to make the experience beautiful (I hope it is the latter).

The NoteSlate will have several input and output devices, such as a full USB port and a 3.5mm headphone jack, along with an SD card slot (4gb will hold around 70000 pages).

The NoteSlate will probably have more features on my website, and a look at the operating system and some key features later on.