Sunday, September 5, 2010

The new generation of smartphones

How do we define a smartphone? A phone that can access an email, write a word document, present a slideshow and of course play games.

To do this, these phone are having to ramp up their specifications, a phone use to be able to run on a 200 MHz processor, now however, there are phones running off of a 1 GHz processor. Soon, the major mobile processor manufacturers will be supplying us with dual core processors that mean our phones will be capable of a lot more than just reading and composing mail, using the internet and making our lives simpler just through the menial tasks that our phones do for us now.

What comes next? The next step to the new generation of smartphones has to be the operating system that they run off. Microsoft is in the process of manufacturing their new OS which has a minimum hardware recommendation of 1GHz processor. This operating system is said to be the OS that brings everything together. For Microsoft, this could be one of the very last times that they get a chance to infiltrate the mobile market, as their past OS have been ugly and not very simple to use.

Simplicity has been the key to success as we can see with Apple’s own OS, the newest being the iOS4 which finally gives us the ability to multitask on their OS. Another up and coming OS is the newest Symbian. Symbian^3 OS, will provide a newer and much better basis to run all the incredible hardware that is being developed on. For example, it will enable a more responsive multitouch function, improved memory management with a balance between power and battery life.

The first device to run the new Symbian OS will be the Nokia N8. This newest Nokia will provide the user with a huge amount of functions that surpass anything the world has ever seen. You cannot even compare it to the iPhone as this new Nokia is in a league of its own. For all of you who do not believe me, the N8 will have a perfectly sized 3.5” AMOLED capacitive screen that will support multi-touch. An accelerometer for the UI auto-rotate and a proximity sensor that should work properly! For those who want their music on their phone, the N8 will have a 3.5mm headphone jack and 16 GB of internal storage that will be expandable up to 32Gb. Connectivity wise, the N8 supports 3G, WLAN b/g/n, Bluetooth v3.0 with a microUSB. This microUSB actually allows the user to plug in their USB’s and import their important files onto the phone. With many ways to connect your phone, what are you going to have to share? With the 12Mp camera with Carl Zeiss optics and full Xenon flash there will be plenty of opportunities to take brilliant pictures that are of impeccable detail. The video features are equally impressive with a 720p recording mode. Sharing all of your videos and pictures is incredibly easy through the HDMI port on the phone.

What are the drawbacks? Perhaps the phone is too big? Not a chance! It is only slightly bigger than the new iPhone 4.

This phone ladies and gentlemen, is the new generation of smartphone.


  1. it is not revolutionary,symbian is dead like wm 6.5 especially low screen resolution on high end is a joke for serious customers

  2. How can symbian be dead !!! they are releasing their new OS with the nee nokia!

    it is only just beginning!

    40% of people own a symbian phone... that should say something.

    WM was outdated and a horrible system, whereas the symbian is going to be new and customisable so that it can work with everyone.

    What would you suggest for 'serious' customers?