Saturday, September 4, 2010


Yesterday, my dad installed COD 4 on his PC that runs on our TV in the living room.

Wanting to have a go before him to try it out on such a big screen, I start the game and noticed an orange hue to the game.

It was very strange, I was worried his graphics card was not capable of playing the game, but I was on the optimal system settings.

I choose the first low-ping server to connect to, and I spawn and all of the colours around me were blue and red. Only just realising that the game had somehow turned into a 3D game, we ran for the 3D glasses supplied by the graphics card manufacturer. I put them on, and directly the game burst into a weird strange life.

If I had been using my PC in my room, and not been sitting so far away from the TV, with a crappy mouse and keyboard, it would have been epic. I think. After about 3-4 minutes of playing my eyes started to hurt and I don't wear glasses or contacts, so it could be worse for people that do.

Having to wear the glasses made me look like a complete idiot, sometimes though its worth looking like an idiot for the most immersive gaming experience. This was not one of those times.

3D gaming needs to become simpler to use, less painful to watch and games need to be tailored for 3D.

This also would mean that companies could charge twice as much for a 3D game, but with the current gaming crisis going on, I think Sony and Microsoft can't afford to be greedy.

Great graphics card by the way, but I still love my 8800GT!

What do you all think about 3D gaming?

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