Friday, September 3, 2010


I am back for my second post on my blog!

I was doing some of the casual browsing I usually do on the internet and I found the new Samsung tablet PC.

I was shocked!

A tablet to compete with the iPad? No, it cannot be.

But it was true, the galaxy really has something to beat here and i am sure that many other companies have tablets in the works.

We know Toshiba are, not too sure about HP and there might be a new 'chrome' based tablet.

It is all very exciting.

What I have now is a small comparison of the two devices.

Apple iPad vs. Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab

First things first, the name.

Who wants to say "Hey man, I've got the new Tab!"

I would probably respond by asking if he has a new browser or something.

For the name, I have to choose the iPad.


Apple iPad : Custom A4 processor
Samsung Tab : ARM Cortex A8 1 Ghz



Apple iPad: Capacitive touchscreen, 768 x 1024 pixels, 9.7"
Samsung Tab: Capacitive touchscreen, 16M colours 600 x 1024 pixels, 7.0"

I have to say the bigger screen has to be better. The Apple screens are magic as well. I would say the iPad takes this one away.

Disk Space:

This is very important, if you are going to have something bigger around, you are going to expect to have some substantial memory.

Apple iPad : up to 64Gb
Samsung Tab: up to 32Gb + MicroSD slot.

Samsung Tab takes it away with the MicroSD slot. Having expandable storage always wins.


Apple iPad: Wireless a/b/g/n
Samsung Tab: Wireless b/g/n, 3G connectivity, USB

Samsung takes this one away!


Apple iPad: No
Samsung Tab: Yes, 1.3Mp

Samsung also wins this one.

Battery Life:

Apple iPad: 9 hours
Samsung Tab: 8 hours:

Apple iPad wins, but not by much!


Apple iPad: The App store, the iPad has access to all the apps in the store so already it is a hugely diverse peice of equipment.

Samsung Tab: The Adroid market on the other hand, is growing quickly, but still cannot match the app store for variety.

End Result:

Apple iPad: 3/8
Samsung Tab: 5/8

OK, there are a lot of things that i have missed out, and i am sorry if you guys didn't think this was up to scratch.

Apple iPad MB292LL/A Tablet (16GB, Wifi) from

No links for the Samsung, sorry!

Hope you guys agree, if you don't, please comment and tell me why!

If you want to see more depth, or a different topic, please tell me!


  1. But Samsung galaxy tab has extendable storage - microSD slot. And it has USB port that can connect to any PC as second storage, which ipad doesn't have. So another 2 points for Samsung galaxy tab. :)

  2. Forget to mention, Samsung Galaxy tab has phone feature. Another point for Samsung galaxy tab. wow, Samsung galaxy tab wins.

  3. Thanks! I will edit that in right away!

  4. Also looks like your not well informed about CPUs, the cortex A8, even that its same 1ghz, it perform a LOT faster and better, itd not even i conparison in that :)
    You could confirm that if you look up on some Benchmarks. 1 more point to Galaxy Tab

  5. The processor is an overclocked version of the normal processor that phones use, so that means that the processor life and the power it uses is more than the Samsung...

    I have kept that in my head and made it a draw.